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Information to apply to become an URGE member is located on the About Urge page and updated Jan 16 2017.

11/16/2020 (((Members meetings are canceled until further notice due to MDHHS restrictions in response to Covid 19 numbers)))  

1/4/2020 Local News article about our pension click (here)

1/4/2020 Members at the January meeting voted and passed the new Bi-laws

11/19/2019 By now all should have received your Fall newsletter as well as the second corrected newsletter. URGE Board is asking for a vote on changes to the constitution and bi-laws. Voters will need to be present at members meeting January 16 2020 to vote. Changes proposed are in the attachment below.

Proposed changes

6/24/2019  If you would like to help save your pension.
City of Flint retiree’s You may consider writing your elected officials and stating your concerns with current and future status of your pension fund. A brief hand written letter to express your concerns would be advised.
Topics to mention could include the following
Severe under funding to deplete the fund
Contributions to employee 401K's paid first

No representation for retiree.
A list of your representatives is in the link below
List of Representatives

1/21/2018  Whenever there is a change in your insurance; such as, a death, marriage, etc. you must notify Meadowbrook (877) 826-1605).  This could make a difference in the amount you pay each month.

5/19/2018 Elected URGE Board

Mary Bland President

Trustees in order

David Hall

Mike Mooney

Linda DeFloria

Mark Bezinque

​Thank You all who participated

27 Pay week class suit final order link here

4/7/2018 Regarding over payment in 27 pay week suit. Judge Yuille issued the order approving the settlement, The deadline for filing written objections or requests to opt out was Mach 29. No one sent or filed written objections or requests to opt out. Link to settlement CLICK HERE

PERIODS Click here

​6/19/2017  By David Halstead. I am posting a link think we all should be paying attention to. The link is to the minutes of the state RTAB overseeing Flint. I recommend starting at least from November 2016 to present.  http://www.michigan.gov/treasury/0,4679,7-121-1751_51556_64472-298275--,00.html

4/3/2017 This is a correspondence from Allen Park Retiree Association and thier Attorney Mark Porter.
The Governor's Task Force on Responsible Pension Reform has one goal and one goal only.  That is to strip away as much from current and future retirees, statewide, as possible.  Why this is such a hot issue with Doug DeVos of the Amway fame and fortune, who is driving this "reform",  is not known. 
Mark wrote: "The Governor's "Task Force" on "Pension and Retiree Health Care" had its first meeting this past Friday, February 10th.  On a bit of intuition, I ran some searches and found the attached Detroit News article from September, 2016, confirming who is actually pulling the strings in the background. You can view the article at this link: http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2016/09/28/michigan-forum-devos-family-target-pension-reform/91241584/  
While it is certainly not accurate to attribute all intent upon a single person -- especially considering the current iron grip on all branches of Mich State Government -- the attached article confirms the suspicions.   
We now have confirmed that the lame duck push on retiree health care was simply 50% of the total agenda from the West Side of the State.  
The Governor's office has scheduled only 6-meetings of the Task Force, with a final date of April 20th, after which "recommended" legislation will be introduced on a time table to be passed and signed by Summer recess.   
It stands to reason that there is no conceivable, objective way to determine all of the Statewide variances in pensions and retiree health care between now and then.   
An objective review, however, was never the goal -- only a couple crammed-down "solutions" for both retiree pensions and health insurance."
​As we previoulsy believed, last December's lame duck session attempt at passing these bills was only a weak attempt.  We need to be very concerned about this.  We need to stop this from happening.  If enacted, these laws will eventually effect all retirees, regardless of where they retired from.  You can count on that.  The State is trying to conquer the public sector retirees and employees first; the private sector will be next and very easy to "steam roll". 
It is up to us to stop this from happening.  Nobody else will.  Nobody is coming to our rescue.  This is our pensions and other post employment benefits (OPEB), namely healthcare, we are talking about.  In other words, our financial futures. 
What can you do?  To start, share this email with any and all retirees and public service sector employees you know.  Call your Michigan State Senators and Representatives, everyday, and let them know that you'll never vote for them, or anybody from their party, again if they support and enact these "pension reform" laws.  If you live in another state, you can still call and voice your concern.  You may even ask family members, who reside in Michigan, take up your cause also.  Not sure who your senator or representive is or how to contact them?  Use these links to find yours http://www.senate.michigan.gov/fysbyaddress.html or http://house.michigan.gov/mhrpublic/
Email them, write them, request a face to face meeting with them at their local office.  They all have at least one monthly coffee hour in their district.  You can find out where and when by using the links above.  (All the information you need to know is on their individual websites). Go there, voice your opinion. Let them know that this is not an issue for the State of Michigan to control. We don't need pension reforms. These are collective bargaining rights and as such, are best left and addressed at the local level.  Be heard.  Make them know who YOU are.  More importantly, make them know that you're not going to stand for this.
Contact the leadership of the Senate and the House.  Let them know you are not going to stand for this. You can find all the information for the leaderships at these two links: http://www.senate.michigan.gov/SenatorInfo/leadership.html or http://house.michigan.gov/leadership.asp          
Each and everyone of us has a huge stake in this.  Retirees and active employees alike.  If we are to stop this travesity, this open assault upon retirees and union workers, then each of us has an individual responsibility to ourselves, and each other, to take an active part to stop this dead in its' tracks.

1/21/2017 Urge may be contacting those members who retired between 1991 and 2000 and were involved in the 27 overpayment / repayment plan. Urge will want to know when the city calculated the recovery of the overpayment was it done with an interest of 6% per annum, compounded annually. This information will be on the letter of repayment that was mailed to the retiree December 3, 2003 by Peter Dobrzeniecki, Finance Director. If you are one of these retirees and have your letter with your repayment information please contact URGE and inform us you have this information. Do not send anything please. All we need at this time is to find some members who still have their letter. If you call please just give us your name and phone number and indicate that you have your letter with information on your repayment for 27 pays. Thank You.